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Professional Web Development

We specialize in the development of highly Professional softwares including responsive and good looking Websites, Hotel management system, Cryptocurrency platform, Inventory Control System, amongst others that can easily be managed by you with the use of a Computer, Tablet or a just your Mobile device.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is about more than just appearances, and provides many more benefits than simply making something look good. Its importance is often underestimated, but good design can bring many significant business benefits. When used effectively graphic design can boost your company’s marketing and messaging through visual communication, giving it greater power to inform, educate, or persuade your audience.
We will use a very top professional approach to assist you in creating mind blowing graphic designs that will surely impress a huge percentage of your customers. and as well offer professionalism, consistency, identity & recognition, trust to your brand.

The way businesses are done in this modern age have drastically and extensively improved; compared to what it used to be few years back. As a result of this massive diversity and change in the business world, Business owners are propelled and obligated to ensue this current trend and development. They will have to do this to secure and seal a massive turn up and profitability from their business otherwise they will be left behind; Thus having a very superior and mind blowing brand (Professional Website and Business designs like Logo and Complementary card) is one of the ways of cementing a very solid business platform in the business world. With our expertise in offering digital solutions with ease, flexibily and at an affordable price, We can help you to set up your brand or regenerate it completely to meet a standard, modern age and a professional requirements.

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We are expertise in offering digital solutions and System Administration with ease, flexibily and at an affordable price.


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Frequently Asks Questions

  1. Please read article below to learn more on how a website can help grow and promote your business
  2. Top 15 Benefits of a Website for Businesses and Reasons why you need a website for your Business
  1. It Depends on the requirements and nature of the website
  2. Overrall, A simple website project can be finished in about 2 weeks
  3. Some Enterprise based websites can take upto 6 months to complete
  4. Another factor that delay website completion time is DNS Propagation which can take upto a week in most cases
  1. There is no fixed price for the development of a website
  2. The requirements for any website constitute how much it will cost
  3. Requirements such as the hosting plan and the functional requirements constitute the overrall cost of any website

Yes, some Domain name Suffix is completely free

Some Hosting Providers offer free hosting plan but this comes with lots of limitation. and unguaranteed uptime

Idika Destiny Emeka is a result oriented I.T support specialist with over 7 years of experience in the Programming/Coding of Software Products such as Websites design (Web design/web development), Desktop and Mobile Application) . He has worked with various computer related tools and Application; Practically skilled in System Administration, Computer hardware repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, Networking, Customer support, Web Development, Graphic design, Microsoft office packages and Business management. Very proficient in using Linux, Windows O.S and Cisco devices. I have a proven track to continuously strive for excellence, distinction and precision in the task I am assigned to with no or minimal supervision at all times and in any position. I can effectively and efficiently handle many responsibilities at the same time and in any circumstances. His favorite Tools for any Software (Including Websites) Development Project (Programming, Coding) are Asp.net Core Net 6 Framework, Bootstrap Framework, C#, Javascript, JQuery and CSS. In Addition, I Make use of Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator for my Graphics projects. He is currently living and Operating from Enugu, Nigeria